Thursday, April 10th, 2003

How To Make A Baby Elephant Float

On the walk to work this morning, I found myself a few paces behind a woman in 2-1/2″ stilettos trying to navigate the still icy and slushy sidewalks. She seemed to have only a casual relationship with her equilibrium and appeared ready to take a header at any moment. The sidewalks were narrowed to about only about 1-1/2 persons wide because of construction, and I didn’t want to try and pass her lest my tailwind upset her delicate sense of balance and tip her over. Lady, you’re carrying a tennis racquet – I’m sure you have some sneakers somewhere, you should use em. Those things just don’t look comfortable.

Pitchfork’s review of Summer Sun is, sadly, pretty accurate. A pleasant and pretty record, but ultimately a disappointment coming from a band that’s set such high standards in the past. That said, I am still sure that Yo La Tengo will still bring the noise live, as I will find out Monday.

The Pernice Brothers will be coming to Lee’s Palace on July 22. Or rather, Pernice Brother – singular. Bob Pernice doesn’t tour.

np – Broken Social Scene / You Forgot It In People

By : Frank Yang at 9:34 am
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  1. ryan says:

    the new Yo La Tengo is like one of those "soothing sounds to put you to sleep" CDs that you can buy at the Sharper Image.

  2. claytron says:

    speaking as a fan of both the cure and joy division, that cover made my fillings hurt.

  3. Frank says:

    I am listening to Summer Sun right now, and "Nothing But You And Me" nearly put me out. WEll that, and my heavy lunch.

    Are hurting fillings good or bad? sometimes my wisdom teeth hurt, and that’s bad.