Wednesday, April 9th, 2003


Chris Bachalo is, I think, my all-time favorite comic book artist. Since his first work on the Death: The High Cost Of Living miniseries, I’ve loved this guy’s stuff. Not quite enough to get into Shade The Changing Man way back when, but enough to be very happy whenever he was attached to a title or project I was interested in. His work graces the Ultimate War paperback I picked up tonight, and it just makes me happy. That’s all.

I also won the Hitsville USA : The Motown Singles 1959-71 box set off eBay. I’m very excited about this, not least of all because I got it cheap! I’m going through the tracklist on Amazon right now… Man, there’s so much good stuff on here. Can’t wait.

Check out the picture posted over at lonetreepoint, taken during the ‘liberation’ of Baghdad. I’d been waiting for a pic like this to surface for a while – it was really inevitable. Honestly, defeating Sadaam was the easy part. What America does next will be the real challenge.

ADDENDUM – The pic in question is now the full-size cover of today’s Star. So much for keeping it under wraps (pun intended). Have a look here. Funnily, it was yesterday morning I was thinking to myself, “when they take Baghdad, they couldn’t possibly be so dumb as to raise the American flag in the centre of the city. That’s what conquorers do”. Shows what I know.

np – Luna / Live

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  1. kyle says:

    I seem to recall one of the general’s saying early on "We will not be raising our flag in Iraq". Although I don’t know if this really constitutes as raising the flag.

  2. Frank says:

    No, I doubt that was an officially sanctioned act – more like a couple impetuous and overzealous soldiers. Still, the symbolism is… disturbing? A potential PR nightmare, depending how the next few months shake out, it could come back to bite the US in the ass.