Thursday, April 3rd, 2003

Here's Where The Strings Come In

This from FluxblogThe Kronos Quartet doing a string arrangement of Television’s “Marquee Moon”. I think it’s masterful, but I am a sucker for strings and for Television covers. I’m not sure how long the link will stay active, but I’ve saved it and will probably make it my mp3 of the week at some point.

The track is from a double disc compilation called Rubaiyat : Elektra’s 40th Anniversary which features a slew of Elektra artists doing covers of other Elektra artists. It’s out of print now, but is definitely going on the eBay watch list. There’s some damned good stuff on there.

“Guitar with just enough twang to remind me that girls who smell good don’t like me.”

I think I’ve just found the perfect phrase to describe my musical aspirations. I lifted the above quote off the webpage for The Scud Mountain Boys. It’s a great line, and one that deserves to be immortalized in these virtual pages.

We are currently being buried under ice pellets and freezing rain, and this is supposed to carry on through tomorrow and maybe into the weekend. It’s quite obvious that we’ve displeased the weather gods somehow, and they are punishing us. I will be going onto the roof to sacrifice a goat after dinner.

np – The Scud Mountain Boys / Massachusetts

By : Frank Yang at 6:59 pm
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  1. Paul Cox says:

    Re: Rubaiyat – Man, you can’t go wrong with Faster Pussycat covering Carly Simon…you just can’t!