Wednesday, April 16th, 2003

Girlfriend In A Coma

Please excuse the brutally obvious title of this post.

Went to see Pedro Almodóvar’s Talk To Her tonight. It’s the story of two men who bond when they women they love are gravely injured and end up in comas. Like his last film, All About My Mother, Talk To Her is richly detailed with subtle, nuanced performances of people dealing in very believable ways with personal tragedies. I think what I like most is that at the film’s end, the characters don’t live happily ever after, but simply continue living. You’re welcomed into their worlds for a time and then excused, and that’s ultimately more satisfying.

Check out this ridiculously cool Honda Accord commercial thingee.

Excellent Online has an interview with Mark Gardener here.

np – Matthew Sweet / In Reverse

By : Frank Yang at 10:57 pm
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