Sunday, April 27th, 2003

Cheap Sunglasses

Another year, another pair of sunglasses busted. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Oh yeah, because it’s sunny out. Next pair I buy, I’m getting a case for them.

Spent a couple hours in the rehearsal space today, cleaning. MAN that place was dirty! The vacuum cleaner sounded like a box of pop rocks in one of those paint mixing machines or something, so much crap was being picked up. But now that it’s clean, I am filled with a sense of immense well-being and satisfaction. I also got the chance to restring some guitars and swap tubes around in my amp. I find maintenance relaxing, somehow.

Richard Thompson is playing at Hugh’s Room on May 28 touring in support of his new album, The Old Kit Bag out May 6. For those not familiar, Thompson is for my money one of the very finest songwriters and guitarists on the face of the Earth, and has been for nigh on 30 years. I have never gotten a chance to see him live, since well, no one’s ever heard of him and his shows aren’t cheap ($40 for this one), but I don’t think I’ll be missing him this time through. It’s a solo acoustic show at a small, intimate venue. Should be fantastic.

np – Sonic Youth / Daydream Nation

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