Thursday, April 17th, 2003

Barnaby, Hardly Working

All I wanted was to quietly ride out the short week and slip unnoticed into the long weekend. Instead, I got to work 45 minutes of overtime getting a project finished up. This is what happens when you work with people in other time zones – you get little accomplished in the morning and everything is crammed into the late afternoon. It is consolation, however, that everything went as it needed to and I don’t have to worry about this stuff again till Monday.

It was also of consolation that tonight’s rehearsal was one of the funniest damn nights I’ve had in ages. We were tossing around potential album title names. My contribution – Dorf on Lake Holiday. The added celebrity cachet of Tim Conway posing on our cover would put us over the top to that gilded road to fame and fortune. How could it not? Clay came up with the clever and catchy Lake Holiday Die In A Fiery Car Wreck not long after we were nearly plowed into by a Ryder truck on the drive home. Where he comes up with stuff, I’ll never know. Five Seventeen liked Murder Smells Nice. Don’t ask. My project for this weekend is to get the Lake Holiday blog up and running. Brad demands a soapbox for his insane, syphillis-induced rantings and who am I to deny him?

Web developers who use Mozilla/Netscape 7 (and if you don’t, why the hell not?) are encouraged to download and install this toolbar. It’s got some very handy development tools built in for checking pages.

Live Elliott Smith mp3s. Click and download.

np – Jeff Mangum / Live At Jitter Joes

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