Tuesday, March 11th, 2003

Wipe The Clock

Today’s routine:

1) Go to TSN’s NHL trade deadline page.

2) Click refresh.

3) Go to 2)

There’s nothing I like more than getting to the subway station and seeing a queue coming from the platform, up the stairs and into the station, especially coupled with a stream of people coming up from the platform lasting at least a few minutes. Know what folks? If they’re emptying the subway car, it’s probably NOT to let us on.

The Uncle Tupelo reissues are out today, and from the online shops, they appear to be pretty expensive (except Anodyne). The only thing better than being compelled to buy CDs I already have is being hosed in the process.

np – The Soft Boys / Underwater Moonlight

By : Frank Yang at 10:00 am
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