Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

What's Going On

I picked up the classic Marvin Gaye album today, the sentiment is still as timely today as it was 30 years ago. And it’s a magnificent sounding record. Also got the first Cars album – it was a day for classics, yes it was. And to round things off, I also got Conmemorativo, the first Gram Parsons tribute record, with a decidedly more countrified lineup than the more recent Return Of The Grievous Angel collection. But it has Uncle Tupelo doing a splendid cover of “Blue Eyes”, so it’s worth the price of admission right there. And also Bob Mould and Vic Chesnutt tackling “Hickory Wind”. The songs are so good it’s usually a treat to hear anyone do them.

So the King streetcar tracks are going to be out of commission till late May, meaning I have to add the extra 10 minutes it’ll take to walk from St. Andrew station to work into my morning schedule. Hooray.

np – PJ Harvey / To Bring You My Love

By : Frank Yang at 9:41 pm
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