Monday, March 17th, 2003

War On War

So it’s just a matter of time now, I guess. I’m pleased that Canada has elected to sit this one out without a UN sanciton. Ian has some good links posted over on his site. All I can hope now is that it’s quick, relatively bloodless and long-term reprecussions are minimal. Of course, after Dubya was appointed president of the United States, I hoped that he wouldn’t actually be half as stupid as he seemed to be. Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which fills up first.

Band practice tonight was both productive and not. Productive because we very quickly worked out some basic arrangements for a new song, which implies to me that we’re figuring out how to play with one another just by listening. There’s work to be done yet, but it was promising. Not productive because Laura did not show up and no one was feeling very ‘in the zone’ to begin with. But definitely in the positive column were the new Christmas lights adding much-needed ambience to the room. The talking Death Star and Borg cube ship Christmas ornaments are just gravy.

I’ve started reading Thomas Wharton’s Salamander, which as far as I can tell so far is a period piece. I really have no idea what it’s about – I got it free when I was working at NOW a few years ago and have only gotten around to reading it now.

My thumb hurts. Slamming a digit in a door is the gift that keeps on giving.

np – Yo La Tengo / Little Honda

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