Friday, March 21st, 2003

Under Canvas Under Wraps

This is a bit of a treat. Lake Holiday’s debut split 7″ from last Fall has garnered a couple reviews, and they’re even positive. There’s one here and another here (3rd one down the page). While this is only mildy exciting because I didn’t play on either of these tracks (they’re Brad’s demos from before the band was assembled), it’s encouraging because our stuff now sounds loads better than those tracks.

I left work a little early today on account of a splitting headache that just wouldn’t go away. I suspect it’s some kind of barometric-related thing, I seem to have these spates of headaches around the start of Spring and the end of Summer, basically when it goes from cold to warm and from warm to cold.

I’ve spent the first part of this evening cleaning up all the code on 517’s Teenbeat Mailing List archive pages, which now reside on my server. He’s also offering a weekly rare mp3 from the Teenbeat archives. This man owns everything that label ever put out – no mean feat. His My Mean Magpie site will be migrating over soon enough as well. I think we’re also FINALLY getting the Lake Holiday website out of cobwebs.

np – The Electric Soft Parade / Holes In The Wall

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