Wednesday, March 19th, 2003

True To Life

I beefed up on the Can-con in my music collection tonight – got the hotly-tipped (and deservedly so) Broken Social Scene record, Kathleen Edwards’ Failer (on the glowing reviews from many sources, Kyle’s personal thumb’s up and the fact that it was only $7.50) and the new Sadies album, Stories Often Told. I haven’t had time to listen to them all yet, so impressions will be forthcoming over the next few days.

Caught Catch Me If You Can at the Bloor tonight. Spielberg should stick to making light, breezy movies like this one. It was a lot of fun, well-executed and an all-around good time. The only way he could have screwed it up the way he did Minority Report or A.I. would have been to finish it off with a pitched gun battle between Hanks and DiCaprio. Which, now that I think of it, wouldn’t have been too bad either.

The first disc of an Uncle Tupelo live show from October 15, 1993 in Chicago is up for download here. Sound quality is pretty damn good. The second disc will be up next week. They don’t have the tracklist info yet, so if you decide to save it for archival purposes – and why wouldn’t you? – I’ve dug it up myself.

Uncle Tupelo – October 15, 1993; The Vic, Chicago, IL

Fifteen Keys/ Grindstone/ Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down/ True to Life/ Chickamauga/ Watch Me Fall/ Anodyne/ Long Cut/ Slate/ Atomic Power/ New Madrid/ Sandusky/ Acuff-Rose/ Steal the Crumbs/ We’ve Been Had/ Give Back the Key to My Heart/ Looking for a Way Out/ Life Worth Livin’/ Nothing/ Truck Drivin’ Man/ Willin’/ Sin City/ Suzie Q

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