Thursday, March 20th, 2003

Strange Loop?

Sure sign you are getting old – albums you bought new are being reissued in expanded and remastered format. Pavement and Uncle Tupelo have had their kicks at the archival release can, now Liz Phair wants to rerelease Exile In Guyville with remixing, extra demo tracks, big fat liner notes, etc etc. Though how she’s going to top those original pics of herself prancing around in her underwear, I don’t know.

And of course, the new album has been re-titled and delayed. Again. Now it’s just Liz Phair, out on June 24. Full news from Pitchfork.

Jay Farrar’s new one, Terroir Blues, ships on May 20. It’s a good bet that this one will sound like the last one, which sounded like the last Son Volt album, which wasn’t too far off the second Son Volt album, which was in the same vein as the first Son Volt album. But Trace kicked ass, so that’s alright.

So in good news, my brother is no longer amongst the ranks of the unemployed. What this means for yours truly is that my rent is no longer his sole revenue stream and I can again think about moving out on my own. Unless paying off my taxes for last year ruin me, of course.

np – Jay Farrar / Sebastapol

By : Frank Yang at 10:16 am
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