Saturday, March 15th, 2003

Straight To Hell

Thank goodness for the weekend. This was probably the most intense and exhausting week I’ve had in ages – deadlines, dealines. All is well, all targets were met, everything is working, but that doesn’t make the trip any less arduous. I crashed last night around 10, was out cold by 10:40. Ladies and gentlemen, my Friday nights.

To reward myself for surviving, I cashed in at 1,000,000 Comix’s season sale – picked up an Ultimate X-Men trade paperback as well as the very first Hellblazer collection. It’s been ages since I’d read Hellblazer – I collected it for four of five years, but jumped ship when they switched writers and I decided I couldn’t afford it anymore. Constantine was and still is a terrific character though – the ultimate mage/con man/cad and all around rake. Having now finally read the original story arc, I have to go and haul the other 70 or so issues I have at home down here. There was some great stories in there. I’d even be tempted to pick up the title again, but seeing as how I’m about 100 issues behind now, there’s not much point.

And yeah, they’re making a Hellblazer movie. I’m not excited at all – in fact, I know for certain it’s going to suck. Never mind the fact that they’ve relocated John Constantine to Los Angeles and made him American, despite the fact that the seedy underside of LONDON is integral to both the character and stories. Never mind the fact that its being directed by Tarsem, whose sole movie credit is the all-style, no-substance J.Lo vehicle The Cell. Never mind that the scriptwriter of record also has only one feature to his credit, the Steven Seagal/Damon Wayans turkey The Glimmer Man. No, there are two simple words why the Hellblazer – sorry, Constantine (no ‘Hell’ in our American movie titles, please!) – will suck. First word, Keanu. Second word – aw hell, you don’t need the second word.

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