Friday, March 28th, 2003

Shaky Ground

It’s Friday it’s Friday it’s Friday it’s Friday it’d Friday!

Very brief Iraq war commentary – now they’re using the words ‘siege’ and ‘Baghdad’ in the same sentence. This can’t be good for anyone involved. Okay, head back in the sand.

Funny stuff – Summarize a band’s entire career in one sentence. From The Rub.

I won a copy of the new Love compilation on eBay since it seemed like finding a copy of Da Capo wasn’t going to happen. Good price too, I’m surprised it didn’t go for more.

Disc two of the live Uncle Tupelo set from October 93 is now available for download here. It sounds so good, it’s unbelievable. There’s also some ‘official’ bootleg artwork kicking around the net, but it’s butt-ugly so I’m going to make my own when I get around to it.

np – Uncle Tupelo / Live At The Vic – 10-15-93

By : Frank Yang at 12:50 pm
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