Tuesday, March 4th, 2003

Radio Cure

Postal happiness by way of Phoenix. Robert sent me a stack of hippy-hippy shaking CD-Rs. We got a couple Wilco discs – the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos (21 tracks of unreleased YHF goodness! Some of it will probably be on the More Like The Moon EP coming out eventually, but whatever) and a double-disc live set from July 20, 2002. I’ll have to try and figure out exactly where the show is from. Also got Sigur Ros’ debut album, Von, and Gling Glo, a 1990 jazz album from Bjork. And on top of all this, I got the Posies comp I won on eBay. Lots of music. Yeah. I have to go and make faux-artwork for these babies. I have to make him a copy of The Olivia Tremor Control’s Black Foliage, which I will do, happily very soon.

All of this makes up a little for the fact that my guitar neck has been in the mail from Montana for two weeks now, which is about a week longer than it should have taken. We’re getting a little anxious. Or a lot anxious. The seller is going to go harrass the post office tomorrow, but I’m not sure how much recourse we have in this situation. Who loses packages in this day and age? I mean really.

HA! Idlewild finally have a Toronto date! April 18, Lee’s Palace with the French Kicks in tow. Damn, that’s going to be a busy week for me.

Word is the Dismemberment Plan farewell tour will have a Toronto stop sometime in June or July. A shame they’re leaving us, but it’ll be a helluva wake.

Jack Rabid’s year-end lists and musings are finally available on The Big Takeover website.

The LA Times is declaring it time for a shoegazing revival. Ha! And everyone said I was wasting my money on all those distortion pedals.

np – The Posies / Dream All Day – The Best Of The Posies

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