Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

Nothing Better

This track on the Postal Service is so damn good, it oughta be illegal. Does anyone know anything about Jen Wood? Is her own stuff worth hunting down? I love her vocals on this track.

Lawdy lawdy, what a day. Something about having to drive up to Mississauga first thing in the morning for a half-day meeting just throws the rest of my day off. I just want to sleep. But instead, I am going out for beers with Vic. He wants to celebrate some functioning piece of C code, I want to… well, I dunno. Have a beer, I guess.

Val has brought to my attention a pretty cool show that’s to be part of the Toronto Indiepop Fest in early May. May 2 sees The Reputation at The Rivoli with +/-, for their third show in Toronto in like seven months. You’d think they lived here or something. Also on the bill are The Meligrove Band and The Bicycles. A good bill, I wonder what else is going to be taking place that weekend as part of this same Fest.

np – The Postal Service / Give Up

By : Frank Yang at 8:26 pm
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  1. Five One Seven! says:

    jenn wood used to be in tattle tale… I haven’t heard any solo albums, but pehaps i should. It’ll definitely be quieter slower stuff, or so i’d guess.