Sunday, March 2nd, 2003

Letter To Memphis

Some movie watching going on today. First, Men With Brooms – a more Canadian film you’ll not find, either in concept (a comedy about curling?) or execution. Sure, it’s a fairly cliche-ridden sports comedy, the likes of which we’ve seen many times over, but the sincerety and enthusiasm of everyone involved in the film is strong enough that you don’t care. This was a fun movie, and a rare example of a domestic film that’s neither period piece nor ponderous psychological drama. Even when someone produces something that would qualify as a high-budget, high-profile film in this country, it still has that small-town feel. A pity about the DVD transfer, though – not only was it not letterboxed, but the print is cropped such that chunks of the credits appear off the screen. So very Canadian.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, Lilo & Stitch. Though a little slighter than I’d expected (yes, I know it’s a cartoon… okay – I expected more Elvis), it was still riotously funny at times and good fun all around. And best of all, no horrid songs by Phil Collins, Elton John or Sting. Thank goodness for small miracles.

So The Biters are moving out of the rehearsal space come May 1. We’re going to have to find another band to take a couple nights a week and split the rent before then. Hopefully Brad or Seventeen can rustle up someone they know and trust, I’d prefer that to bringing in total strangers and giving them access to all our cool toys.

I don’t think I can play first-person shooters. After about an hour of No One Lives Forever, I feel nauseous. I need to go back to Tetris or something.

4AD is remastering and reissuing all the Pixies albums in May. About time, I say, since the current issues sound fine and are really easy to find. Uh…

np – Pixies / Doolittle

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