Thursday, March 6th, 2003

Don't Panic

All day, meetings meeting meetings. Or at least it seemed like it. Nothing I like more than lying head down on a table in front of a speakerphone, faint bit of drool out the side of my mouth. Nothing at all. But now I am home and now I am off to band practice. My life is a whirlwind.

But I leave you with this – someone has ported the old Infocom Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy game to a Java applet, playable on the web. I loved these Infocom games. Many a day I spent in fear of the grues that lurk in the dark when your battered Elvish lantern finally goes out. The only problem I see right now is an inability to save. Which means that I’ll just have to play the whole thing in one sitting!

By : Frank Yang at 5:58 pm
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