Thursday, March 20th, 2003

Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart

I’d intended to go to the protest at the US Consulate this afternoon – at least pass by to show support – but I was tied up on a conference call to Seattle until 5:30 and thus lost the window of opportunity I had to huck a tomato. Something that’s surprised me since the war officially began last night is how jaded everyone seems to be about the whole thing. I’m not sure if this is primarily a defence mechanism people are using to deal with the horrors taking place halfway around the world or if they genuinely can’t see this as anything more than source material for jokes and exercises in irony. Probably a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone, but I know in my case that it’s primarily a coping mechanism. Thinking too hard on all this just turns my stomach.

I’m of many many minds about this whole thing – the war, that is. Optimist Frank wants to believe that global protests will eventually make a difference on a grassroots level. Pessimist Frank believes that the short- and long-term reprecussions from this invasion will be far more fearsome than the powers-that-be imagine and this really is the beginning of the end. Pragmatist Frank believes that nothing he does will really make a difference one way or another. Realist Frank accepts the fact that like it or not (and he does not), this war is happening and isn’t going to stop, and that the best thing to do is to actually pull for Bush (as abhorrent as that thought is) and hope that the American forces are successful and finish this quickly and with a minimum loss of life on all sides (Pessimist Frank overhears this and scoffs, loudly). Attention Deficit Disorder Frank is already bored with the whole shebang. And all Franks are in agreement that if coverage of this war pre-empts any episodes of Buffy, 24 or The West Wing, then someone, somewhere, is going to pay.

Anyway. Back to more music geekery.

The Dismemberment Plan is bringing their farewell tour to Toronto on July 19th, venue to be announced. Do not do not do not miss this show, the Plan are fantastic live. This will be terrific and yet so very sad.

The new Radiohead album is called Moving: Target, released on June 10 in North America. Thanks to Audrey for the news. She’s got the tracklist on her site as well.

np – Whiskeytown / Faithless Street

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