Thursday, March 13th, 2003

Bend To Squares

I have simply been too busy this week for words. Work is like a madhouse. Thank god I have band rehearsals to let me kick out the jams and blow off a little steam. Speaking of which, apparently a math-rock band has moved in next door on Thursday nights. They’re loud. All we hear through the walls is, “DUNH DUNH DUNH … … dah dah DANH … DANH … … … … DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN … dah DANH!!!!” and so forth. Crazy weird start-stop riffy things. They’re very tight. I’m just not sure if they’re playing any songs.

We still need to find another band to share the rehearsal space with after the Biters vacate. I don’t want to put up an ad and introduce the possibility of letting strangers into our little play pen (with all our toys), but we may not have a choice.

Steve Earle is coming to town May 16 at the Kool Haus. That’d be a good show, though the price ($36 before SC) and venue (big crappy concrete box) are a little off-putting. That’s on my ‘maybe’ list.

It’s come to my attention that my editing the comments link down below to read ‘No smart-alecky comments’ may be misinterpreted – it means that currently, no one has left any smart-alecky remarks. Not that they’re not welcome. In fact, they’re greatly welcome. The smarter or more alecky, the better.

By : Frank Yang at 10:20 pm
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  1. ryan says:

    you could always change the "no" to "0"….

    or you could just change the whole thing to that old standard, "no fat chicks"….

  2. valerie says:

    you mean you like it when we comment and that’s why you have this nifty little function? in that case…no fat chicks would probably be your best option.

  3. Frank says:

    of course, I love hearing from my fine-feathered blog-o-riffic brethren. It validates my existance.

  4. Clueless Newbie says:

    what’s math rock?