Sunday, March 16th, 2003

Attack Rat Puppeteer

Willard. To sum up – shy, dysfunctional man befriends an army of rats who do his bidding. Man-rodent power struggles ensue. A time-old tale, really. While not an overt horror movie in the modern sense of the genre, there were some geniunely creepy and suspenseful moments. Crispin Glover, who could give Gary Oldman a few lessons on being twitchy, wears his first lead role like a second skin. Rookie director Glen Morgan infuses the whole film with a peculiar Victorian-esque feel despite it being set in the modern day – I likened it to a particularly sinister Roald Dahl story, Mark more accurately described it as an Edward Gorey cartoon come to life. I used to have a Gashleycrumb Tinies poster… W is for Willard, devoured by rats. It was an entertaining, unnerving and more than anything ODD movie. Anyone with a rat phobia is advised to stay far far away. I like rodents, and I was getting creeped out by the sheer volume of rats on screen – screw Star Wars, these rats were some of the most impressive and lifelike CGI I’ve ever seen. Particularly Big Ben – man, that thing was the size of a Buick.

I don’t think I want to get another hamster anymore.

The title of this entry came from the closing credits – some dude actually had this as his job title. The man has my envy for the rest of time – I can only dream of the day when I can put something that cool on my resume.

Non-rodent bits from the weekend. Went out for drinks with Andrea and Bryan Saturday – they were in town attending to wedding business. I hadn’t seen or even talked the them in almost three months, so that was nice. Did my taxes, and I have got to seek out an accountant – at present, I owe the government well over $3000. While that’s in line with what I should have paid if I had had taxes deducted from my total income last year, it’s still a bitter pill to swallow. Hopefully someone with a clue in these matters can save me some money. I got my DVD-ROM installed and working in my new computer, and wiped and reinstalled everything on the old machine which is now on its way home for my dad to use. Found an old guitar tab book of Motown classics used, which is cool just for finding new chord voicings.

np – Neil Halstead / Sleeping On Roads

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  1. valerie says:

    Willard was too creepy. I continue to have nightmares of Big Ben. You should get a prairie dog. They are more fun than hamsters :)