Saturday, March 8th, 2003

A Day In The Life

Quick summary of the day. Went back to Oakville in the morning to pick up tax junk from the parentals’ place. Was asked by my dad to hook up his A/V receiver, despite the fact that he doesn’t use the speakers. I just plugged it in and left it as is. Went for a little driving tour of the old hood with Kyle. They’ve torn down one of the malls and replaced it with one of those big box complexes. The world I grewed up in is gone.

Went for a quick sweep of the Annex, came out with Calla’s Televise (found used – in your face Kyle!), The Chameleons’ Live In Toronto, The Very Best Of Otis Redding and Jeff Tweedy’s Chelsea Walls soundtrack. Not a bad haul.

I also finally picked up the new guitar neck and got that installed. Took a little more doing than I anticipated to get it set up – it was adjusted pretty different from my old neck. I will post a pic of the final result tomorrow.

Going to see the Hidden Cameras tonight after watching the first period of Owen Nolan’s debut as a Leaf.

np – Calla / Televise

By : Frank Yang at 7:00 pm
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