Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

1880 Or So

A day later and I still like the new design. Unprecedented. Hopefully this will last me the summer. Even after the grand unveiling yesterday, I spent most of the day and evening debugging stupid little things. The search function now works though why I had to do what I did to get it to do so is beyond me. Not really thrilled about going deep into Nucleus’ source code and commenting out lines that were fine before, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I did get out of the house for a bit yesterday though – went for breakfast at Mars, and on the way back home I had to walk east along College while the day’s anti-war protest marched west. I felt a little strange going upstream, trying to move against the wall of chanting humanity, but I’m sorry – I live the other way and I need to use washroom.

I did step out last night to catch Cuff The Duke at the Rivoli. I’d heard nothing from them before, only read the press but they sounded up my alley. And while the show got off to a bit of a slow, sloppy start (first impression – poor man’s Sadies), by the end I was pretty much sold by the energetic set of countrified cowpunk. The fact that it was a homecoming of sorts for the Oshawans after a jaunt to SXSW in Austin and the room was packed with their friends and fans contributed to a great atmosphere.

Looks to be a beautiful day out, I should get out and get some air but I’ll probably just stay in and (re-)do my taxes or something boring like that

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