Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

We've Been Had

Oh good, on top of the reissues of the three Rockville Uncle Tupelo albums by Legacy/Columbia, their major-label swansong Anodyne is also being expanded and remastered by Rhino and being released the same day. So instead of buying three albums I already have, I’ll be buying four.

So I’m still not making this entry from my new compter, but it’s not because I can’t. MDG did right by me by having a whole new box made up for me when I went in this afternoon. Everything worked fine in the store so I bring it home. I suspect the problem had to do with my plugging in my old keyboard, which may not be XP-compatible. I say this because as soon as I plugged this one in, the thing froze again. This time, however, it recovered on reboot with my new keybaord plugged in. Anyway, new box is puttering along downloading all sorts of illegal software. After I get everything installed, I still have to swap some hardware. I figure I should be ready to swap systems by the weekend – no rush.

Also in the ‘sorting shit out’ department, I finished wiring up the new Telecaster. Everything works as I want… as soon as I get the new neck, which is in the mail as I type, then the uber-axe will be all tricked up and ready to rock the casbah.

The Mark Gardener show is at Lee’s, April 12. That’s a Saturday night, so I expect it’ll be an early show so as to let the little Blow-Up kiddies get in there and do their thing by 11. Tickets are already available, $13 at Rotate This.

np – Beulah / When Your Heartstrings Break

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