Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

Time Machine

So welcome to my first official post from the new computer. Swapped my soundcards and moved my data hard drive over this morning, and everything is running tip-top. It’s fast. XP is pretty.

Billboard has an interview with Mark Gardener about the upcoming solo tour, which is specifically to promote the American release of OX4 : The Best Of Ride. It will be predominantly Ride material from the best of, with some older tracks that didn’t make the compilation cut and a couple of his new solo tracks. Can you say, ‘excited’? Good, I knew you could.

Forecasts call for the wrath of God to be dumped on Southern Ontario over the next day and a half, but in snow, freezing rain and rain form rather than blood and locusts. It’s gonna be one of those days for staying indoors. Which I can do, with my new computer and guitar to keep me company. Huzzah.

np – Galaxie 500 / Copenhagen

By : Frank Yang at 12:14 pm
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