Monday, February 10th, 2003

Tidal Wave

So Longwave tonight. My first show since early December and they’ve both been Longwave. This time opening for OKGO who I’d been advised to miss on pain of really bad rock. Thankfully, Longwave got an especially long opening set, just under an hour, which made the experience worth the ticket price without having to catch the headliner.

Playing to a considerably larger audience than the 30 or so people at the Horseshoe last time (all these people couldn’t possible be there to see OKGO?!? File under: perplexing), I’d say the band was either riding a goodly amount of hype coming in or quickly won over the unfamiliar, considering the response they got. And it was deserved, they delivered a very solid and rocking set consisting of material from both Endsongs and the forthcoming The Strangest Things. They closed things off with the drummer from OKGO playing second percussion on a couple songs, then some well-intended but not-so-successful stage-diving. All in good fun, sure. I left satisfied and with another t-shirt for the collection. And I’m pretty sure that they’ll be back at least one more time supporting the new record.

God, dust off your old mosh pit moves – Lollapalooza is back. Words can’t describe how uninteresting that lineup is to me.

Picked up Sebadoh’s Harmacy, on advisement from Kyle. If I don’t like it, he’s getting one solid kidney punch next time I see him.

np – Sebadoh / Harmacy

By : Frank Yang at 11:50 pm
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  1. valerie says:

    the lollapalooza line-up is rather sad. i’ve seen incubus a few times but i don’t know if it’s worth going to just to see them.