Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

The Sophtware Slump

You know, despite the fact that I make my living with computers, and I spend most of my waking hours online, I actually hate computers. Sometimes with a passion that rivals the fiery pits of Hell.

So I *should* be making this entry off my shiny new computer. Which, incidentally is sitting in the living room. So why am I sitting in here, on this old box? Well because the other one DOESN’T WORK. Perhaps I should be more specific. Windows XP requires that it be ‘activated’ online or whatever. Fine, there’s a verification number on a sticker atop the CPU that I am supposed to punch into the dialog box. Which I would do, if I could. But I can’t, because the keyboard has stopped working. The mouse as well. What. The. Fuck. After some futzing, I find that they function if I plug into the USB ports, but the PS2 ports don’t work. Or they do for a split second when Windows is loading, but then they’re dead like dinner. But back to the verification number – now that I found a way to actually input data into my computer, I can give that a shot. Of course, it doesn’t work. Try again. Doesn’t work. It’s telling me the number has been used too many times and I need a new one. Okay…

One terse phone call to MDG later, I am going to be bringing the box back in tomorrow for a full rebuild. The ‘tech guy’ didn’t have anything more to offer besides, “That’s strange”. No shit, dipstick. Gnnnnrrrr. If this wasn’t good TV night, I’d be out on the streets looking to bust a cap on some sucka’s ass.

But the optical mouse works, and is shiny and pretty. The speakers are… well, I’ll give them some time for me to get used to, but my initial reaction is they’re shit. Two tiny satellites that’re all high end and one sub. Apparently Altec-Lansing has no conception of mid-range, or the acoustical importance thereof. And no headphone jack. I may end up saving up for a decent pair of speakers regardless. Maybe I can unload these on eBay or something. Fer fuck’s sake. The 19″ monitor is nice and big, at least. That’s something.

I hate technology.

Okay, some items that aren’t kvetching about computers…

Mark Gardener is bringing his solo acoustic show to Toronto on April 12th, venue still to be determined. About as close as you’ll get to seeing Ride short of going to an Oasis gig and yelling at monkeyboy Liam to let Andy sing.

The new Pernice Brothers long-player comes out May 20th, and is titled Yours, Mine And Ours. A US tour to follow in June. Hopefully they’re the sort who consider Canada part of the US and Toronto dates are in the offing.

np – Crowded House / Recurring Dream : The Very Best Of

By : Frank Yang at 10:11 pm
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  1. Victor Ng says:

    Frank, nobody in the computer business has a notion of midrange.

    These are the same idiots that brought you stupidity like "Mega-Bass".