Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

The Hot Rock

I take one day off and the world just goes to pot.

For starters, the morning is going fine. Shower, make my lunch, eat breakfast, out the door in plenty of time. Trudge through the slush down to College station. Hmm, these closed and locked steel doors are new. Same thing at the north entrance. Okay, this is a bit of a problem. No westbound streetcars in sight, but behold – a shuttle bus with the words “SOUTHBOUND” in bright electronic letters on the front (take note, this will be important shortly). I hop on the bus with hordes of other commuters and off we go. North. ‘Hmm,’ thinks I, ‘this is odd. Well the sign did say southbound’. I verify this with the guy crammed in beside me, and so I wait and see. Northbound we continue. I’m now figuring the odds of this bus doing a three-point turn are pretty slim, so I force my way off the bus (elbows up!) and there I am, stuck at Yonge and Bloor (nowhere near my workplace at King and Spadina for non-Toronto readers), with no subway and all shuttle buses crammed to the gills. Looks like we’re walking. By the time I trudge back down to College (where it all began), and I’ve resisted the very strong temptation to just go home and sleep more, I find a vacant shuttle bus. Salvation! It gets me as far as King Station, and the streetcar, which is the only transit-related thing to go right so far this morning, gets me back on schedule. Or it would have, if it hadn’t overshot my stop by a half-block. Grand total lost time, 45 minutes. But I did get to listen to all my Superdrag album. Or I would have, if my batteries hadn’t died.

The trailer for League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is up. It looks alright, though it’s hard to really tell with all the fast cuts. My main beef? “LXG” What the hell is that? Do we really need to dumb down everything to their basest monosyllabic components? I would have preferred it if they took a more appropriate Victorian approach instead of the flashy ultra-modern style, but what can you do.

Sleater-Kinney last night. Ass-kicking rock action. Nothing else to say, except Janet Weiss is my hero. So much rock with just two guitars and drums… I would lobby to kick 517 out of the band, if I wasn’t sure he’d be the first one to vote for it.

np – Beulah / The Coast Is Never Clear

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  1. Clay says:

    You’ve read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? I thought i was the only one.