Friday, February 14th, 2003


Okay, this is exciting. The always entertaining Excellent Online has compiled a collection of mp3s for Valentine’s day, here. There is some choice stuff here, including a track from ex-Ride frontman Mark Gardener and – get ready for it – a track from a NEWLY REUNITED VELOCITY GIRL. If Excellent are to be believed, and I so want to believe them, the band reunited and the track they have on offer was recorded this year. And I’m listening to it now… it’s fizzy, fuzzy and jangly pop-tacular goodness. The gloss of Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts is mostly gone, at least from this song. Man oh man. It’s probably worth mentioning I’ve had the biggest crush on frontwoman Sarah Shannon for, like, a decade…

The new Mojave 3 album is tenatively titled Moons And Pastures. With a name like that, it’s likely to be their head-first foray into the rap-rock/nu-metal arena, a direction first hinted at on Neal Halstead’s solo record.

I picked up my Yo La Tengo ticket today, as well as my freshly-cut new Tele pickguard. Now I just need the guitar…

Going to the Wavelength anniversary show tonight at the all-new El Mocambo. Haven’t been there in years, we’ll have to see what they’ve done to the old girl.

I just got an email from What a great domain name, even for spam.

np – Wheat / Hope & Adams

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