Thursday, February 13th, 2003

Shaving Spiders

Superdrag are in town on Monday! Too bad they’re supporting Paul Weller – which isn’t meant to imply I don’t like Paul Weller, I have utmost respect for the modfather, but that’s priced way out of my range for really only wanting to see the opening act. And anyway, that’s Sleater-Kinney night.

Band rehearsal started off well enough tonight, some pretty dang good run throughs of a few songs, but things gradually deteriorated into farce. Mildy productive on a couple points, amidst all the goofing around.

I have spent all day feeling like it’s Friday. But it’s not. Which means I still have to go to work tomorrow. How disappointing. But I am giving myself Monday off (taking a proper vacation day, not playing hooky), so that’s something to look forward to.

np – The Olivia Tremor Control / Singles : Presents And Beyond

By : Frank Yang at 10:26 pm
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