Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Seed Toss

I’m discussing a possible deal with some guys from the FDP about swapping guitar necks. One guy has a maple Nashville neck and another guy is looking for a rosewood Nashville neck. I would prefer a maple on mine. We may do a three-way deal with the maple neck coming to me, my rosewood neck going to the fellow over in Ireland (!), who would give cash to the guy with the maple neck. Sounds convoluted, but it could work. I need to actually take possession of the guitar first, though. I can wait. I can wait. And if the three-way deal doesn’t work out, I can still buy the maple neck directly and sell my neck on eBay or something.

And speaking of eBay… the last time I sold anything was… well a while ago. I thought that PayPal had instituted some sort of tiered system where if you wanted to collect money, ie SELL anything, you’d need to pay a member fee or something. I said nuts to that and put the idea of selling anything online out of my head. Well I’m looking at their conditions again, and not seeing anything that would prevent me from collecting money and transferring it into my bank account. I have no idea what I thought had happened… but if it turns out I can collect money from PayPal and only get charged a per-transaction fee when I collect the money, well hell. I’ve got loads of crap I can sell. Schweet.

I got to watch my first new episode of 24 tonight. I need a cigarette. Okay, it wasn’t all that – nothing really monumental happened but it moved things along. And all I can say about the Kimberly storyline is I am rooting for the cougar.

From the “um, okay” files – recipes from Superchunk’s Laura Ballance. This one is for roasted vegetables and sausage. Mmm, sausage. Again, thanks to link-o-meister and Hide-The-Sausage champion, Kyle.

np – Mogwai / 4 Satin

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