Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

New Low

Some interesting discourse going on about Shania Twain. Yeah, that one. I scarcely pay any attention to her, but reading this piece from the current issue of Rolling Stone, coupled with this piece, which considers both the RS article and her performance and the Super Bowl… well, I’ve always found her a little frightening but now I’m thinking she could have given Arnold a run for his money if she’d been cast as the female Terminator in T3.

Now they’re talking about Nicole Kidman as Catwoman? Eyuck. Mind you, I don’t put much stock into that article. Christopher Nolan has signed on to do ONE Batman movie, and not Year One, which is Darren Aranofsky’s, and not Batman Vs Superman, which was a) Wolfgang Petersen’s, and b) is dead dead dead. Petersen is making Troy and Supe’s next big-screen appearance will be in Brett Ratner’s film.

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By : Frank Yang at 12:51 pm
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