Saturday, February 1st, 2003

New guitar new guitar new guitar

So just like that, I bought another guitar. It was a year ago this month that I swung by Long & McQuade just for something to do, and walked out with a Squier Fat Telecaster. Well this time I didn’t walk out with the used-but-like-new Fender Nashville Telecaster, but I did pay for it. Because of laws regarding resale of used goods, L&M can’t let it leave the store for another two weeks. I get to pick it up on the 17th – it will be my Valentine’s Day gift to myself. It was $499, too good a price to pass up. Three-colour sunburst with a rosewood fingerboard… In an ideal world, it’d be maple, but rosewood feels and sounds fine as well. The hamster upstairs is already running at top speed to work out what parts I’ll need to acquire to get this thing working and looking how I like. New pickguard, switches, etc. This thing’s gonna be so sweet. Now I have to sell the Squier. I figure I’ll try private sale first, and if that doesn’t pan out, then on consignment we go.

The video for Longwave’s “Everywhere You Turn” is now online. Click on the top news item. Thanks to Garry for the tip.

I won’t be too proud to admit I was wrong if Daredevil turns out not to suck really hard. Some early reviews are coming out, and they’re surprisingly positive. There’s one here and another here. The second is from an avowed Ben Affleck hater, no less. Will it really be any good? We shall see. Pun intended.

My brother was supposed to be back from St. Martin this afternoon, but I figure his flight was delayed, perhaps significantly, by the closing of airspace around the Columbia debris field. Considering it exploded at over 200,000 feet, it’s a pretty massive debris field – there’s wreckage being found everywhere from Texas to Tennessee.

np – Sleater-Kinney / One Beat

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