Friday, February 7th, 2003

Leave Them All Behind

Excellent Online is reporting that ex-Ride frontman Mark Gardener is about to embark on a solo music career. His last project, The Animalhouse with Ride skinsman Loz pretty much disappeared without a trace (and really, it wasn’t very good. I am probably one of three people in the world with a copy of the album…). After witnessing Tarantula and the abomination that was Hurricane #1, the optimist would say that it was obvious Mark was the real talent in Ride and Andy Bell lost his mind sometime around 1995 and that this new material is something to look forward to. We’ll see. I’m more interested in the bit about Mark doing solo acoustic shows in North America…

Aaaah. Friday Friday Friday. I need a nap.

np – Little Red Rocket / Who Did You Pay?

By : Frank Yang at 3:15 pm
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