Friday, February 14th, 2003

I'll Be Your Lampshade

In happy news, Beulah have decided NOT to split after the next record and tour. In their own words, “We just read an online article that said we’re gonna be breaking up after the release of our next record. This news made all of us so sad that we’ve decided to stay together until each of us die.” No mention that the online article took the announcement directly from their own website… but anyway. Long live Beulah!

I installed Soulseek last night, as it appears to be the new P2P music-downloading software du jour. It’s small and seems to work well – I just couldn’t think of a damn thing I wanted to download. In fact, I went in and deleted a whack of mp3s I never listen to. But hopefully it’ll be better than Kazaa, which is pretty much poop for finding the music I want to hear.

So happy Valentine’s Day. More on that later.

np – Superchunk / Foolish

By : Frank Yang at 10:13 am
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