Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Hang Onto Your Ego

Everyone in the office is sick. One consequence of this, besides the very real possibility that I am also incubating some sort of nasty germs, is that I am the only techie guy left in the office, and with us in the middle of switching a few of the computers in the office from Windows to Mac, that means I’ve had to put on a new hat of Mac computer guy. It’s a beanie, with a propeller. Wheee.

Another ebay triumph. East River Pipe’s The Gasoline Age will be en route to me shortly. The key to feeling like a winner is to bid on cheap stuff no one else wants.

I have been charged with being everyone’s ticket bitch again. This time, it’s a fistful of Delgados tickets. I must enjoy having people owe me money or something.

np – The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds

By : Frank Yang at 12:33 pm
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