Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

Elegant Transaction

Tickets for the Yo La Tengo Toronto show on April 14 go on sale Thursday. $21 + service charge at the usual spots.

OKGO were selling wristbands at their show last night. WRISTBANDS. What the hell is that?

The three-way deal for the guitar neck has come undone a bit. The fellow in Ireland decided against building yet another parts guitar, and thus doesn’t need my rosewood neck anymore. I’m still getting the maple neck, as the price is easily half what I’d pay anywhere else (which means I could sell mine on eBay for almost double what I’m paying). This actually makes my life simpler since I don’t need to ship a box to Ireland.

np – Rainer Maria / Long Knives Drawn

By : Frank Yang at 11:08 am
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