Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

Distance Equals Rate Times Time

Had lunch today at Reuben’s Deli down on King St. A little higher than typical deli prices, but man! That’s some fine smoked meat. They say their the same place as the legendary Schwartz’s in Montreal, and I’m in no position to argue. Full points for the waiter who sat us down and told us what we were going to have. Terrific coleslaw, massive pickles, fine fries. And best of all, we had our choice of celebrity tables. It came down to either the table where Bill Clinton sat, or Prince. We chose His Purpleness. I think it was the right thing to do.

Some news involving’s enfant terrible that’s actually music-related. NME reports that Ryan Adams’ next long-player, Love Is Hell, will be delayed from it’s previously announced March 25 release date. The delay is said to be due to the fact that it has taken Ryan longer than expected to challenge every music writer who’s ever said anything unkind about him to a fight.

Enhanced CDs kill my computer at work. I wanted to listen to Unwound’s Leaves Turn Inside You but my stupid machine decided otherwise. STOOPID machine.

np – Doves / The Last Broadcast

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  1. Kate says:

    His Purpleness has a massive mansion in North Toronto. If I ever make it to Reubens’, now I know which table to ask for.