Thursday, February 20th, 2003

Crashing The Afterglow

This is the funniest blog ever.

Got to put the new axe through its paces tonight at rehearsal. Except for microphonics coming from the bridge which I’ll have to figure out how to eliminate, it was sounding pretty good. I think I could do the entire set with the one guitar, it’s got enough different tones in it. Very nice.

517 had to go back to work afterwards, so we headed out to the east end to drop him off. En route, we passed the Toronto headquarters of the Hell’s Angels. I had no preconceptions of how a Hell’s Angel headquarters should look, so I guess a nondescript white building with picnic tables stacked outside is as good a base of operations as any. But I think I had hoped it’d be something more… biker-y. Whatever that means.

Otherwise, slow day. Actually, very busy day, but not a very interesting one.

np – Versus / Lets Electrify!

By : Frank Yang at 11:20 pm
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