Sunday, February 9th, 2003

Can't Hear The Revolution

In a curious little bit of synchronicity, I’ve added a new mp3 of the week and noted that on Jam! Music’s new release list they have an untitled Flaming Lips EP due out on April 8. Could it be the on-again off-again release of Yoshimi Wins! is back on again? It’ll make my exclusive little mp3 considerably less exclusive, but that suits me fine.

Matador is reporting a new Guided By Voices album this year, once again reaffiriming Bob Pollard’s position as THE most prolific man in rock. The title given is Live Like Kings Forever, but you can be sure it’ll change at least a dozen times before it’s released. That’s just too straight right now.

Pretty slow day, didn’t leave the apartment. Built a footswitch to turn the trem on my Traynor amp off, I was getting sick of the constant cyclic motorboating in the background. “Whub whub whub whub whub whub”. Errrrgh. Read more of An Illustrated A Brief History Of Time, confirming that I’m nowhere near as smart as I might have once thought I was.

Longwave tomorrow night. My first concert of 2003! And I’m only staying for the opening act. Go half-assed or go home. I will go home.

One more week… I WANT MY NEW GUITAR NOW. Grr.

np – Guided By Voices / Mag Earwhig!

By : Frank Yang at 9:06 pm
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