Sunday, February 16th, 2003

Back Of My Hand

I have found the girl of my dreams and her name is Gemma Hayes. Check out the ‘releases’ section for videos. Her debut album Night On My Side is released in North America on April 22. This fansite has far more content than the official one. A girl with a Telecaster is a million times sexier than every MTV diva mashed into one uber-skank.

WOW. A 1989 demo video featuring one Fred Durst. What this is a demo for, I have no idea, but with moves like that, he had to have won. Link from Large-Hearted Boy.

Ever wish you could have your own personalized action figure? Of course you do. Well now you can. I wonder how much extra it would cost to make my breathe fire and launch missiles from my stomach. Or transform into an M-1 tank or something. Or have karate-chop action at the very least. Link from Mark, who I have no doubt is counting his pennies so as to immortalize himself in swivel-arm battle grip form.

I don’t think clothing retailers have been outside lately – there’s almost nothing on their racks with sleeves. Did I miss a memo or something?

np – Rilo Kiley / The Execution Of All Things

By : Frank Yang at 7:01 pm
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  1. michelle says:

    hi there…found your site thru a link @, cool blog! i love gemma hayes, and i didn’t think anyone liked her stuff! you have awesome taste in music as i’ve managed to browse thru your cds/concert dates… and you live in toronto, nifty! so do i…i’m currently an english major @glendon/york.. and i love music..anyway, was wondering if you’d have any interest in swapping music cds..or at least chatting a bit :) take care!