Saturday, February 8th, 2003

A Unified Theory Of Everything

Someone in the apartment above me must be getting ready to go out clubbing or something. They’ve the phat beats going full throttle. I wish them ill.

Was out for a bit this afternoon with Kyle, got my Delgados tickets and picked up the Loose Fur record as well as the first EP from The Postal Service, featuring members of Death Cab, Dntel and Rilo Kiley among others. I was just going to wait for the album next week, but the EP was cheap and had The Shins doing a neat-o cover of one of The Postal Service songs, so I couldn’t say no.

The Loose Fur is going to have to grow on me. It’s pretty laid back and easy to ignore if you’re not paying attention. I think I was expecting something a little more forceful, at least based on the live Brooklyn show from last December.

Trying to come up with parts tonight for some of the new songs in the set was beyond futile. I just can’t get in the zone, my fingers feel clumsy and distracted. Unhappy.

At some point last night whilst stumbling home, I apparently decided to untie the remnants of police tape around the driveway and bring it home with me. I have about two metres of the stuff sitting on my bookshelf. I’ve always wanted police tape, but was too lazy to commit the requisite crimes to acquire it.

np – Loose Fur / Loose Fur

By : Frank Yang at 10:51 pm
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