Saturday, February 8th, 2003

A Shot In The Arm

For some reason, the Wilco EP, Kamera, has been pushed back. It was supposed to be out on Tuesday, but the Wilco website now says it is a) titled More Like The Moon and b) with a pending release date. Track list is still the same, though. Curious.

I have just discovered M@B’s comics. It’s like a blog in comic strip form. It makes me happy to know I live in the same city that this guy experiences.

Hot damn. Metacritic has FINALLY finished renovations and is once again open for business. Looks good, but did it really take more than a month to get this done? Matters not, good to have them back.

Went out drinking last night for the first time in ages, after an excruciatingly long and exhausting day at work. It was either force myself to go out or fall asleep at 10pm. Mercifully I was able to get some sort of second wind and get through a couple of hours without succumbing to narcolepsy. First we went to The Tap for a few drinks then to the Dance Cave, where I haven’t been for almost a year. It’s still the same, except for the addition of doors. And a big bouncer.

Kevin has a new puppy. I’m jealous.

np – Doug Martsch / Now You Know

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  1. kyle says:

    I was hoping the new Metacritic site would be Standards Compliant at the very least. I certainly liked version one better.