Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Wherein Obscurely

The post office did not fail me after all. My Scud Mountain Boys disc showed up today – the postmark read Jan 9, so the guy selling it didn’t put it in the mail for more than two weeks after he got my payment. Grounds for minor grumpiness, I’d say, but I will be magnanimous and forgive him. It’s a lovely record – more Joe Pernice is always a good thing.

The 2003 NAMM Winter Session starts tomorrow. Which means I’ll be glued to Harmony Central’s show coverage all weekend, basking in the deluge of new and cool musical instrument product announcements. Never mind the fact that there’s nothing more exiciting than a new tuner and power supply on my music gear shopping list right now… there’s no reason I can’t at least lust for a fancy-ass $4000 semi-hollowbody guitar or the like. No reason at all.

NAMM is loads of fun – I got to go to Los Angeles for the 2000 show, helping man the booth of one of my old co-op employers. It’s a veritable orgy of gear. Guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, recording equipment… acres and acres of the stuff. I think I hurt my back trying to haul back all the free swag I picked up that weekend. That was actually the last time I was on a commercial flight, too. Three years. Sheesh.

Kevin has consented to go to see Sleater-Kinney with me next month. I would have gone alone, but it’ll be better with at least one person to go with. Still, I wish some more interesting shows would roll through town.

It’s cold out. Damn cold. I think I must be part small woodland mammal, because I have an overwhelming urge to just crawl into bed and hide for the next two months.

np – The Scud Mountain Boys / Massachusetts

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