Friday, January 31st, 2003

Where You Been

Surprise surprise. Cruising JAM! Music’s release dates, and what do I see but Liz PhairHappy Tragic Thing, May 20. First response? Trepidation. Speculation has been rampant for years now about what on earth has held up Liz’s fourth record. A revolving door of producers, constantly pushed back release dates, collaborations with pre-fab pop co-writers? It could all be a recipe for disaster. To say nothing of the cynically-minded indie kids subconsciously (or maybe consciously) anxious to chalk their one-time poster girl up as another casualty of the major-label grinder. Well if this information is reliable, we’ll all know what the dilly-o is in just under four months time. Unless it gets pushed back again because Liz is going back into the studio with Bob Rock or something.

Went out to the pub with the folks from work this evening, as today was Ian’s last day at the agency. A shame that our happy little unit is being fractured, but that’s how it goes I suppose. At least he’s found something else – no mean feat in this job market. Good luck to him, either way. We are having a new person starting on Monday, in an account co-ordinator role. Most of today was spent moving furniture around and wishing that it was, in fact, Saturday.

Some live mp3s available at Superchunk’s site, including some from their Opera House show in Toronto, Fall 2001. Which I didn’t go to. But wish I did. But! Portastatic is opening for Yo La Tengo on the upcoming tour, so I will get to see Mac in some live capacity. And that’s something.

np – Superchunk / Come Pick Me Up

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  1. kyle says:

    From Rolling Stone:

    "The songs that made it onto the album are the ones that rock," she says. "I wanna sell some records, goddammit!"

    I tend to like the quirky Liz Phair, as opposed to the rockin’ but we’ll see.