Thursday, January 9th, 2003

Weird And Woozy

So walking to rehearsal tonight : it’s almost white-out conditions. In just under a block and a half, I am covered completely and utterly in the dandruff of the gods. The scene is so at odds with the soundtrack on my headphones, Luna’s Romantica, a summer album if ever there was one, that I actually laugh out loud. I am in a good mood.

So at rehearsal tonight : It’s just the three of us, as always. I install my new Z-Vex power plate on the Fuzz Factory, works like a charm. No more batteries in my rig! Huzzah. We actually get a fair bit of work done on two new songs – one a skeletal loop-based affair which I’ve decided to just do five minutes of background squall in, and a simple little country number for which I need to brush up on my chicken-picking and remember how to play 6ths’ without thinking too hard. Good fun. But we still need to find a drummer…

So on the way home from rehearsal tonight : The snow has tapered off and once again, it’s all slush. But this time, the slush on the roadways has been caked down into a super-hard and super-slippery uber-slush. I do not know this, and as I run to catch a streetcar, I wipe out in grand fashion. The right side of my pants is initially covered and snow and slush, and when that melts, is just WET. I landed on my side wrong and *that’s* all sore too. Whee. Oh well, I meant to wash these pants tonight anyway. And you know what? I’m soaked, it’s cold out, my side aches and I’m still in a good mood. Lord only knows why, but I’ll go with it.

My nomination for best domain name of the year :

Snarky little article at Slate – The Return Of Mope Rock. Someone got beat up by some dude with a Flock Of Seagulls haircut when he was a kid…

np – Luna / Romantica

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