Monday, January 6th, 2003

This Guitar Says Sorry

So Brad walks into rehearsal today clutching this little fella. His boss at Sonic Boom had bought a stack of old beater guitars from a pawnshop for the purpose of decorating the store, and Brad rescued this one in hopes that it might actually be servicable. We plugged it in and it did indeed make noise, though the output jack probably needs to be replaced. I’ve brought it hope with the intent of cleaning it up, restringing it and figuring out exactly what it is, if anything. It’s a pretty cool little axe – the action is pretty good for a cheapo old guitar, and the big single coil pickups look to have some cool Harmony/Stella mojo in them. And I can’t resist anything with a Bigsby or Bigsby-like vibrato installed. The body shape looks like a scaled down Fender Coronado or something. I have a feeling that if I can get it playable and it holds tune reasonably well, this could be a neat little piece to have around for recording or just posing in videos with.

The rest of rehearsal was as well as could be expected without a drummer. Worked on the arrangement of one of the loop-based songs, I got behind the kit while we tried another one. I even did fills! Very exciting. We also laid down the game plan for Lake Holiday for the new year, mainly sorting out personnel and doing our damndest to find a long-term drummer. Pheobe would have worked but scheduling has been impossible thus far. We need someone who can show up regularly. The idea of Brad getting behind the kit and bringing in someone else to play guitar and sing was also brought up… not entirely unreasonable if Brad is fine with someone else performing his songs and someone else is fine with performing Brad’s songs. Who the hell knows, I just wanna get out and play. We’ve been unofficially offered a slot at Wavelength sometime this Spring, and I would love to accept it.

I cannot leave well enough alone. I’ve decided that my pedalboard still needs tweaking, and am looking at getting a new power source and tuner. Somehow, spending more money to make things tidier when they’re certainly not untidy as is makes sense to me.

The problem with long nights at rehearsal is by the time I get home, it’s time to go to sleep and then it’s another day at work.

np – Guided By Voices / Under The Bushes, Under The Stars

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