Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

The Man Who

This is an interesting phenomenon. Yahoo Messenger has been on the fritz all day, not informing me when I have messages and whatnot. Well it’s now playing catch-up, happily informing me whenever I get an email… circa about 13 hours ago. It must have had every email notification backed up in a buffer and now it’s clearing it out. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out by morning, cause it’s pretty irritating otherwise.

So, since it’s due back at the video store tomorrow, I made the time tonight to watch The Man Who Wasn’t There. God love a black and white movie. There’s something about the visual impact that technicolor just can’t hold a candle to. And in the hands of a directer like Joel Coen, well it’s something to behold. The story is a convoluted murder-mystery, but told from the perspective of the man who actually knows everything that’s gone on. The trademark Coen eccentricities are kept to a minimum, but there’s a few distinctly Coen touches. A fine piece of moviemaking.

Blowing money… bought Dinosaur Jr’s Bug. Bought another distortion pedal – a Vox Distortion Booster – online. This one’s going in the home rig. It was cheap, it looks cool, sounds good. What’s not to like?

Also fixed up Brad’s beater guitar, it’s actually pretty cool. Holds tune pretty well if you go easy on the whammy and intonating a floating bridge was easier than I expected. Overall tone is a little woolly, I’d hoped for something janglier, but there’s some good twang to be had. I think it’s a keeper. I still need to take some decent pictures for ID-ing purposes. Would really like to know what this thing is.

By : Frank Yang at 11:20 pm
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