Monday, January 13th, 2003

Soft Polluted Blacks

So first rehearsals with Clay the drummer went well, I think. He seemed to take to the material and is coming out again on Thursday. I wish we (as in Brad, Seventeen and myself) were playing a little better – but in our defense, it had been months and months since we played the material, excepting the one time Pheobe came and played with us. To be honest, we, or at least me, stank up the joint. I had forgotten most everything, and wasn’t even ad-libbing well. Usually I can fake it alright, but tonight? Phoooo. Let’s hope Thursday goes better… but I think Clay understood that we had a fair bit of cobweb to shake off.

I got my Vox distortion booster in the mail today. Only got to play with it a little before rehearsal, but it seems to fit in my rig very nicely. It starts where the Valve Tone leaves off, and goes from light crunchy gain to full-on distortion. Very nice indeed.

Borrowed the Monsters Inc DVD from Scott today, finally! Didn’t get a chance to watch it, but since I have to have it back to him by Friday, I’ll get to it probably tomorrow evening. I already went through some of the bonus material on the second disc… Good stuff.

Won a copy of the Yo La Tengo Little Honda EP off eBay. I’ve meant to pick it up for ages – a whole disc, albeit only 8 tracks long – of Yo La Tengo doing covers is too good to not have. And now I do have it. Or will, when the mailman brings it to me. Though he still has to bring me my Scud Mountain Boys disc, which I won in December…

After gently chastising Ricky from Wheat for not coming up to Toronto on their next tour, he’s agreed to make the tour-only EP available to those on the Wheat mailing list. See? Sometimes being whiny and petulant can pay off. I’m kidding, I wasn’t really whiny or petulant. Much.

np – Echo & The Bunnymen / Echo & The Bunnymen

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