Saturday, January 4th, 2003

Soft Effects

There’s a video for Spoon’s video for “Small Stakes” here.

Did some not-so-exciting shopping today. Went to Dufferin Mall, which I’d never actually been to, and hit the Wal-Mart for some soap, socks… intended to get razors but they keep those behind the customer service desk and the lineup was about 25 people deep. Screw that. Also got some hanging-hooks for the rehearsal space, for coats and cables and whatnot. Told you it wasn’t exciting.

Swung by Sonic Boom and grabbed some lunch with Brad, also found a used copy of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – I already have it, but it’s such a good album and so impossible to find used, I bought it anyway. Kyle still didn’t have copy – he’ll thank me for it later.

Also bought Toshack Highway’s Everyday, Rock’N’Roll Is Saving My Life EP and Ken Stringfellow’s Touched record – thank Jack Rabid and the Big Takeover for prompting me to check these out though I’d never heard any of their stuff previously (not counting Swervedriver).

It also dawned on me that after three years, I was actually buying more comics and not less, so I got a membership at the 1,000,000 Comix around the corner from my place. Shoulda done that years ago… and I got the second Ultimate X-Men paperback to break it in.

Also rented Unbreakable and The Iron Giant, which is probably the only Vin Diesel movie I will ever see. Had to go to the Blockbuster up in the Annex since the Rogers by my apartment sucks ass.

np – Spoon / “Loss Leaders”

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